Choosing a Karate School

Written by karate  |  25. November 2004

Long Island has between 350-400 schools both small and large where you can study martial arts. Look in your local yellow pages and it can get confusing where you should start. The cost of taking lessons is one criteria that should be considered. Dont be easily fooled by a teaser intro rate. Ask direct questions about how much lessons will cost monthly after any trial program.I advise you ask if there is any (contract) or yearly commitment. In my school we dont have contracts.Young students may change their minds about taking martial arts after finding out it takes hard work and a commitment to reach their goals. Another main concern is how close or far away the school is from your home. Young students depend on parents to drive to and from lessons.Again in most towns on Long Island you have several schools to choose from. I advise you take a trial class at least three schools.Ask for a Free Trial lesson, most schools will be glad to oblige your request. The Instrucor who will be teaching is the most important criteria in my opinion.Find a school who has certified trained instuctors.Instructors who combine expert martial arts training with excellent intra personal skills can make a lifelong impression on a student. " A teacher can only open the door...it's up to the student to walk though it." Any questions please email me at AAofSD@aol.com Yours in The Martial Arts,Sensei MJ Bertucci

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