College Recruiting-

Written by lacrosse  |  22. November 2000

Hello all. In recent articles, I wanted to inform readers about specifics in the sport and also the indoor game. Please click the archives button below if you hapened to miss or wanted to review those articles. Now, it is November and many players and their families are already being called by college coaches. Having been through this process in the past and knowing first hand that it is very intimidating, I thought I would bring some light to the subject. Please keep in mind that some of you have encountered this process with older siblings, but many have not as of yet. First of all, it is very important that you or your child keep a detailed record of every call received. This is done so you can easily remember what has already been discussed in previous conversations. Try to be as honest and friendly as possible with every coach regardless of their position in the program. (even if the school on the phone is not where you want to study and/or play) If possible, do research on the school and see if it offers the subjects in which you are interested in studying. Try to narrow your choices down to five schools that you feel you have a good chance of learning and competing at. Take advantage of the free official visits that are offered and discuss your options with each head coach. Please remember that the maximum amount of official visits is five. As time passes, you will realize that the number of schools calling will go down and your decision should be a litte easier to make. Some programs will try to force you to sign early, before you have seen every school you are interested in. If you feel in your heart that that school is for you then talk it over with your parents and commit. Please keep in mind that you shouldn't feel intimidated by this process. If you are prepared, It can be very exciting and fun. Good luck. If you have any questions, please email me at info@learnlax.com. And remember to keep practicing! It is never too late to learn lax. Thank you for your time. Jason Sanders

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