Another Open Letter To Our President Elect: DVA, VSOs, And The Internet

Written by veterans  |  21. November 2008

More "Yes we can!" Dear President Elect Obama: Now, even your Saturday weekly address is on the internet; a first. Considering your obvious understanding of the internet's potential, I am suggesting another internet based first -- the creation of a DVA's VSOs internet based Advisory Council or DVAC. Let me briefly explain my idea. Nation-wide there is a cadre of DVA (Department of Veteran Affairs) approved service organization representatives (VSOs, Veteran Service Officers, or SOs, Service Officers) that are authorized to present claims before (and process claims for) the DVA. We are both book-learned and street-smart; to a lesser or greater extent we understand the USC/CFR Title 38 (Veterans' Benefits United States Code/Code of Federal Regulations), and, we assist veterans on a one-on-one basis. As such, we are a fountain of information both theoretical and applied. DVAC could be an online resource (closed network, forums, webinars) of the DVA to which they could turn for immediate responses, nationally to locally, from vetted VSOs, on veteran issues. Have I mentioned that we VSOs as a group will usually have experienced and have opinions on the pros and cons dealing with most veteran issues. You ask us for, and we can 'immediately' provide you with, experienced based input. Further, this kind of internet advisory council should be feasible for many other disciplines. Sincerely, Walter C. Schmidt, VSO CPA --- Regards, Walt Schmidt

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