Winter is Almost Here

Written by electric  |  21. November 2007

Winter is fast approaching and as we prepare our turkeys for the oven and begin our holiday shopping, electrical projects are not a top priority. There may be a few things to think about this time of the year. One of the biggest electrical issues that arises is holiday lighting. It is not uncommon to overload the electrical system with Christmas lighting. Consider having some additional outdoor GFCI receptacles placed on the exterior of the house to accomodate the extra load. If that is not possible there are other ways to decorate your house safely. Any outdoor receptacle you use should be GFCI protected. If your using a receptacle that isn't GFCI protected you can purchase a GFCI extension cord at an Electrical supplier or one of the large home stores. There are many great products available today like outdoor plug strips and outdoor timers to make your decorative lighting project easier and more functional. Use common sense and you can avoid a disaster. If your reusing lighting and extension cords, disacard any frayed or damaged cords or light sets. Follow manufacturers recommendations for combining strings of lights. The most important thing you can do this holiday season is enjoy it with your family and friends. Seasons Greetings

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