Fighting Childhood Obesity w/ Healthy Treats Wkshp Dec. 17th

Written by Long Island  |  20. November 2011

The Secret to Keeping Your Girls Healthy Over the Holidays: Less Sugar and More Spice & Everything Nice, the Oh My Girls! Way By Claire Lieber-Saul, V.P., Oh My Girls, LLC These days it seems girls are made more of "sugar" (high blood sugar, that is), than they are made of "spice and everything nice". Oh My Girls!, the first ever healthy living center for girls (OMG! for short) has set out on a mission to change all of that, particularly during holiday time when sugary treats abound. The nutritionists, chefs and healthy lifestyle coaches of this brand new, innovative, holistic living center, located at 140 Jericho Turnpike in Syosset teach that refined sugar (and unhealthy fats) do NOT make children sweet. On the contrary, these ingredients make them overweight, cranky, distracted, tired, mentally sluggish and exposes them to an increased risk of diabetes and a host of other diseases known collectively as Metabolic Syndrome (or Syndrome X). These diseases not only seriously impact children's health, but also their learning and earning ability. The prevalence of this syndrome has become so insidious that, in fact, for the first time ever in the history of the United Nations, a resolution has been adopted to address health issues completely unrelated to communicable diseases and occurring outside the Third World: obesity, heart disease and diabetes. This month on December 17th, from 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM, OMG! will launch the first of its kind MOTHER/DAUGHTER HEALTHY HOLIDAY BAKING WORKSHOP which will take out the bad sugar and bring on the good spices and teach girls how to turn "devils food" into an "angel's cake" that is good for them. Oh My Girls! cool, knowledgeable and entertaining chefs, will teach young chefettes about the healthier sugars and fats (such as maple syrup and coconut oil) and how spices (such as cinnamon and cardamom) can be used in lieu of overdoses of bad sugars and fats to give food an exquisite flavor and girl's bodies tender loving care. Once these techniques are learned in a positive and fun peer pressure setting (where all the girls are eating better), a lifelong love of making and eating more nutritious and healthful treats will be the result. Then, when the holidays roll around, season after season, year after year, the choices will automatically be better and better. One of OMG!'s goals is to create a ripple effect via those girls who partake in its classes where they will actually want to show off their skills to others. This is why Oh My Girls! uses the slogan JOIN THE REVOLUTION....part of the revolution goes like this: one girl starts eating homemade, organic, brown rice crispy treats with almonds and cranberries and she tells the next girl and then the next girl and so on and so on, and, then, the next thing you know a revolution has been created where Metabolic Syndrome has been OVERTHROWN and no longer has a grip on our youth, our country and its economy. Every girl deserves the chance to grow up healthy and revolt against that which can steal her brains, body, beauty and best self! Oh My Girls! Mother/Daughter Healthy Holiday Baking Workshop gives girls a chance to stay 'healthy, fit and fabulous' for life! Date: December 17 Time: 1:30-3:30 PM Ages: Mothers with their daughters 8-18 Cost: $120 for both

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