FEMA: $208 Million for Long Island

Written by Amy Gernon  |  19. November 2012

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has allocated a total of $208 million in federal assistance for Long Island homeowners affected by Superstorm Sandy.  Nearly 30,000 homeowners in Nassau and Suffolk counties are eligible for the funding, which may be used for rental assistance or home repairs.

In total, New York will be receiving $500 million from FEMA, with Nassau County receiving $178 million and Suffolk County receiving $30 million.  
New York is receiving more federal assistance than New Jersey, which will receive approximately $206 million in assistance.  But FEMA officials have pointed out that areas of Long Island pose unique needs as the region recovers.  FEMA normally would bring in temporary housing, but there is no where to place mobile homes or trailers.  Though FEMA has identified residents who are eligible for rental assistance, the vacancy rate is under five percent.
In order to streamline the recovery efforts in the county, Nassau residents now have access to minor repairs through the new Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power program, which helps get homes into livable conditions so residents can live in their homes while long-term repairs take place.  So far, 418 homes have been declared eligible for the STEP program, and the county has contracted 180 local carpenters, electricians and plumbers to get the work done.
Staten Island residents are eligible for a piece of the $55 million in federal grants.  Queens residents have been approved for $134 million, and $102 million has been approved for Brooklyn.  $4.4 million has been approved New York City, and $1 million has been allocated for the Bronx.
Homeowners could receive up to $30,000 in federal assistance, but first must register and apply for FEMA funding by Dec. 29.  
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