American Kickboxing

Written by karate  |  19. November 2006

We here in The United States have a unique sport that is gaining more notoriety. American Kickboxing is different from it's Asian couterpart Muay Thai and European Kickboxing. European Kickboxing rules allow leg kicks and sweeps. Both West and East coast United States have different organizations and sanctioning federations. We here on Long Island some excellent promoters and kickboxing gyms. My school offers a Kickboxing Program and our undefeated fighter Tyson "TNT" Jones represents our school at local Long Island Events. Tyson recently scored a TKO (Technical Knockout ) over a top fighter at Superfights held in Sports Plus in Lake Grove. The Rules that are applied are as follows . *All kicks and Punces above the waist. *Fighters must throw a minimun 8 kicks per round- or be penalized * As in boxing rounds are scored on a 10 point must system *Fouls and Penalties are deducted from a fighters score Long Island is a top hotbed of GREAT Kickboxers , with many World and National Champions. If you get a chance you should make it a point to come out and see our Long Island Fighters. They are amongst the BEST in the World

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