A Thanksgiving Message from Striker

Written by hypnosis  |  19. November 2006

Often we think of Thanksgiving as a day to be thankful for the blessings we have in our lives and a day to eat great food, but little else more. What does Thanksgiving mean to you? Football, too much food, time off work, with a little added plus of a close gathering? When I think of Thanksgiving, I think even bigger than that. I feel appreciative that there's so many people giving thanks on this day. I feel the energy of the collective thoughts of millions of people valuing good things. I feel the energy rise and swarm the earth - to lands that don't celebrate such a grateful holiday. I feel optimistic. I feel hopeful that the future of the world is heading in the right direction. I feel glad that the world is growing in love and awareness. I feel so full of peace. Then I remember all the big and little things in my own life and I appreciate them. I appreciate that I live in a family full of love. I appreciate that I live in place where I am free to create my own reality. I appreciate that the direction that I have taken my life in is one that brings me blessings in abundance, relationships, and good health. I appreciate that I have the power within me to enhance my circumstances - whatever they may be. I appreciate the fact that I know my children and family and friends have the same power within them and, mostly, I appreciate that I can enhance the lives of others the way I enhance my own. And with gratitude, I thank you for being you and for sharing this awesome life of ours in one way or another. My blessings to you! From my family to yours - Happy Thanksgiving! Striker

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