November Events: From A Veterans Point Of View

Written by veterans  |  18. November 2008

With a 'tip-o-the-hat to VetJobs, which is exclusively sponsored and partially owned by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and is endorsed by The Vietnam Veterans of America, The Naval Reserve Association, and The Veterans of Modern Warfare. November 1775 " Continental Congress establishes two battalions of Marines. Samuel Nicholas was appointed Captain of Marines on 28 November 1775, and promoted to major on June 25, 1776. Because of his senior status among other Marine officers of the Revolution, he is numbered as the first Commandant. 1775 " Americans under General Richard Montgomery capture the British fort of Saint Johns. 1861 - The Confederate raider Nashville captured and burned the Union clipper ship Harvey Birch in the Atlantic Ocean. 1864 - Union General W.T. Sherman began his march to the sea from Atlanta, GA, in an effort to cut the Confederacy in two. 1865 " Dr. Mary E. Walker, the first female surgeon in the Union Army, is presented with the Medal of Honor, the first woman to receive that award. 1910 " First airplane flight from the deck of a ship. 1917 " American troops were first engaged in fighting attacking German troops near the Rhine-Marne Canal in France. 1918 " World War I ends at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month with the signing of an Armistice. 1942 " Operation Torch begins with Allied landings in northwest Africa. 1943 " U.S. Marines landed on Tarawa in the Gilbert Islands, one of the bloodiest campaigns waged by American forces against the Japanese in the Pacific. 1965 " Battle of Chu Pon-ia Drang River, Vietnam. U.S. 1st Calvary fought North Vietnamese regulars for four days. 1967 " American troops broke a North Vietnamese assault at Loc Ninh, near the Cambodian border. 1968 " Battle of Nui Chom Mountain. The 4th Bn, 31st Infantry, 196th Inf Bde fought and destroyed the 21st NVA Regiment on Nui Chom Mountain southwest of Da Nang, Vietnam in a fierce six day battle. Cpl Michael Crescenz received the Medal of Honor as they fought inch by inch up the steep mountain. 1979 " Iranian militants seized the US Embassy in Tehran, held 65 Americans hostage. 1999 " VetJobs goes live on the Internet. --- Regards, Walt Schmidt

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