Should he call her?

Written by dating-singles  |  17. November 2009

Dear Jay, Can you please post this situation for your readers. I recently met a woman at an event and she was absolutely gorgeous. This is the type of woman that gets hit on constantly and has many choices. We were a match, and I emailed her the next day. Four days later, she got back to me and said that she did not check her email much, however really enjoyed hearing from me. I replied back and again, another 3 or 4 days later, she got back to me. In the next email, I asked for her phone number and she replied almost immediately with a nice note and the phone number. I called a few days later, and no return call. I said to myself, what the heck and called her again the following week. While I was leaving her a voice message, my call waiting kicked in and it was her. She said that she wanted to get back to me, but couldn't really talk because she was doing something with her daughter and asked if she could call me back later that night. I said it was not a problem, and that I looked forward to speaking with her later that night. More than a week has gone by and no response. I say to myself, why the hell did she return my call in the first place (and yes, she swears she knew it was me who called), if she had no interest? I asked my friend Monica about this and mentioned that I was going to send one last email. Monica scolded me and said that under no circumstances should I contact her again. "If she is interested, she will call you"...... and..... "If she does call you and leaves a voice message, DO NOT CALL HER BACK. If she gets you on the phone, say "it was nice hearing from you, but I am in the middle of something and have to go." Monica said DO NOT tell her that you will call her back. Monica said that when you don't call her back, it will drive her crazy and say why isnt this guy up my behind like the rest and that she will call you back. This counter intuitive game playing stuff is driving me nuts. Does it ever end? Posted by Anonomous at 1:05 PM 3 comments: Elizabeth said... No--it NEVER ends...men play that VERY same game all the time. But--again, it's all about the "Women you choose to pick" and gravitate to. This woman is supposedly "gorgeous"...and that's what's most important...not her behavior--so in some ways, you deserve it! Shallow people get shallow behavior. 2:01 PM Natasha said... Who knows why she didn't call you back as promised. Sounds to me like she's a little flaky. I say you left the ball in her court so she should call you back. Do not send her one last email. If she does call you back do not play silly games by not answering or returning her call. If she does call, be a big boy and tell her it's great to hear from her. 7:51 PM Singles New York said... Don't let your friend talk you into playing games. Honesty is always the best policy, and this woman could have a very good reason for the delay in getting back to you. The life a single mom can be stressful. What do you think? Email Jay..Info@WeekendDating.com with your comments

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