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Written by security  |  15. November 2006

By Chris McElroy Home security is of top concern in the United States today. The culture of crime that has arisen internally is cause for concern in every modern household. Home security tips start with the vigilance of the home owner. First, home owners should check to see where they need to improve security. For example, is there a door away from the rest of the house such as a basement door? If so, is that door well lit? To go along with lighting, home security will be improved as home owners leave their outside lights on all night. Those who would attempt to invade a home in the cloak of darkness will find their task much more difficult if there are lights at every entrance. Another area of vulnerability in a home is the doors themselves. Having a lock on doors and using them is invaluable for petty thieves who are deterred by such security measures. However, if a more sophisticated criminal targets a home, home security may very well lie in the strength of the door and doorframe rather than the lock. If doors and their frames are not sturdy and well made, a criminal can easily kick through the door and frame, granting open access to the home. Another home security tip revolves around windows. Windows are very easy to break and are a preferred way to enter a home. If windows are left unlocked, burglars have even easier access because they do not have to worry about the sound of breaking glass alerting neighbors to potential trouble. To keep windows safeguarded, be sure that they are clear of shrubbery. If shrubbery is well maintained and lower than any windows, criminals will not be able to hide behind them while breaking into a window. Many homeowners do not consider what is outside their home as easy targets for burglars. For example, many home owners park lawn mowers outside of their garages or leave their garage doors open for convenience. In both of these instances, home security can be violated. It is all too easy for criminals to disguise themselves as maintenance or lawn personnel coming to take a piece of expensive equipment to be repaired. One great item to have on the outside of a home as a measure of home security is a dog. Even if the dog is in a fence, the warning barks of a canine not only deter would-be thieves, but they also alert neighbors and let them know that something is amiss. Astute home owners will always keep home security in mind when approaching and leaving the home. For example, when pulling in the driveway, home owners should check to see if anything looks different or out of place. For example, if a screen door is ajar, was it that way when the home owner left? Are all the windows closed and intact? Of course, the best home security tip available is to combine all of these safe practices with a home security system. Those who have many measures of safety in place are the most likely to prevent criminals from taking advantage of their homes. Home security is of top concern to all families today. Help keep your family and belongings safe by practicing general safety guidelines and installing a home security system. ---------- About the Author Chris McElroy helps maintain the Guardian Blog for Guardian Alarms

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