Written by AppreciatingDiversity  |  14. November 2003

What does your school cafeteria look like? Do kids gravitate toward and sit only with those who share a common background? Next week on November 18th, more than 300,000 students across the country will be making a conscious effort to break down social boundaries. Students will purposely take a new seat in their cafeteria on November 18th for "Mix It Up at Lunch Day!" Last year, students reported some wonderful stories as a result of doing so. These stores include shared stories about making new friends, but more importantly, about learning the true meaning of difference, about breaking down social barriers and learning about others. Educators, it's not too late to get students at your school involved! To check out how and view scenes from last year, visit the tolerance.org website here. They can supply you with immediate posters and stickers. With some Avery labels, you can download and print all you need instantly! To do this visit this webpage You can even use the tolerance.org Press Center to get great coverage of your event! Click here. Check out 10 Steps to Taking Action. You can learn how to take "Mix it Up at Lunch" to the next level -- by taking on an issue in your school or community. Learn more here. If you will be doing the Day on Nov. 18, let them know all about it! send email to mixitup@tolerance.org. *** BREAKING BARRIERS, BUILDING BONDS *** Some eighth-grade boys in New Jersey have a lot to teach the rest of the world when it comes to acceptance and understanding of people with disabilities. Read about it here. *** GET PUBLISHED, GET LOOT *** How are you working against injustice and promoting tolerance? What's the story with boundaries in your school? Write an essay, and if tolerance.org chooses it for publication, you'll score some loot! Learn more about it here. ------------------------------------- FOR TEACHERS ------------------------------------- *** MAKE MIX HAPPEN *** All the tools you need to Mix It Up at Lunch in your school are available here, including posters, stickers, a How To guide and more! Click here. *** GO TO CLASS *** Take Mix from the cafeteria to the classroom using the Mix It Up Activity Booklets! Whether you teach K or 12, we have lesson ideas appropriate for your students. Click here. *** KEEP TALKING *** Mix It Up Dialogues convene powerful conversations -- and follow-up activities fulfill academic assessment requirements. Click here. Don't worry if it's too late to get involved this year! This is an annual event. But who says you need a national day to engage in this kind of activity? Find the opportunity on any day and teach your students a most valuable lesson they'll carry with them throughout the rest of their lives! ****** If you would like to engage Susan Eckert in classroom or group discussions about cultural difference and diversity, please contact her at 631-666-3224 or send an email to susan@advancecareerdevelopment.com.

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