Verizon Cuts Customers’ Bills in Response to Hurricane

Telecommunications giant, Verizon, has joined other major businesses in helping communities struck by Sandy.

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Banks and credit unions aren’t the only businesses cutting their customers some slack and pitching into the recovery effort after Hurricane Sandy. Verizon Wireless has announced it will be giving customers on Long Island and in other impacted areas a two-and-a-half week grace period from October 29th through November 16th.

During this time, any charges for domestic voice and text message services will be automatically subtracted from the account holder’s bill. The policy does not exempt clients from monthly access or mobile data charges, but it is being implemented without the need for any effort or actions to be taken by Verizon subscribers in the affected area. Customers outside of the Island who were impeded by Sandy but are not in the areas covered by Verizon’s waiver are asked to contact the company’s customer hotline (1-800-922-0204).

To further aid the recovery effort, Verizon has also opened the doors of its retail stores as charging stations for people without electrical service looking to power up their devices. Late fees during the recovery process are being waived, and the company is even matching donations sent via text message to the American Red Cross.


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