Renting with dogs on Long Island is not easy.

Written by dogs  |  06. November 2002

Two years ago, I was lucky. I have a dog, and found a 2 bedroom apartment cheaper than I expected to spend the very first day I looked who would take me and my dog. I still live in this apartment, but now my landlord who is old and loosing money through a reverse mortgage, is selling the house and I am looking for an apartment yet again. Now I have two dogs, and I have been looking, and looking, and looking. Even though I am able to spend 1350 per month, the only pet friendly places listed around the north shore have been roach infested!!! I have been disgusted at what I have seen these past two weeks. Apartments are now between 200-300 more expensive than 3 years ago, and my salary has not increased with this real estate inflation. So my first problem is budget, not to mention my two attention seeking furballs. And 9/10 landlords hates pets. Who can blame them really? There are so many irresponsible pet owners out there, people who let their dogs chew moldings, destroy yards, and bark mindlessly. So, the rest of us responsible dog owners are punished because of a few (or more than a few) bad seeds. Here is a list of things I consider important selling points if you are a renter with dogs. If anything will change the mind of a weary landlord, these will be some of them. 1. Be willing to shell out extra security or a monthly pet fee. 2. Crate train your dogs so you can assure the landlord your dog will not be free to chew up the place while you are at work. 3. Use an electronic antibark collar to train the dogs to keep quiet while you are at work. 4. Have your dogs neutered and spayed so you can assure the landlord that you won't have any litters while you are a tenant. 5. Have them updated with shots, flea and tick, and heartworm prevention. 6. Take your dog through basic obedience. 7. Use a 6 foot leash while you are walking the dog if in a dense residential area. Always use some kind of leash regardless of pedestrian traffic. 8. Pick up diligently after your dog so your neighbors can give you good recommendations. 9. Teach your dog to bark at the sound of an intruder, so you can also give the new house extra protection. 10. Exercise the dogs outdoors so they will be tired when indoors. 11. Teach the dogs how to eliminate on command, so they won't go to the bathroom on the front lawn or back yard. 12. Keep the dogs indoors for their own safety and so they don't bark and disturb the neighbors. 13. Groom the dogs regularly so they do not smell. I hope as a dog owner, I can also be selective about where I live, and not have to settle for a less than desirable place. Right now on Long Island, thats a little tough. Landlords, there are responsible pet owners looking to rent, please give us a chance!

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