How To Write A Marketing Brochure

Written by publicrelations  |  06. November 2000

There are several ways to write a marketing brochure. Before you take the plunge, consider doing as much research as possible. If you want input from key people, interview them. Look at what others have done in your particular field. See what works and what doesn't work. Take ideas you gathered and create new ones. As you sit down at the computer to write, keep in mind your audience and what you are trying to "sell." Next, think of the tone and voice of the piece. You may want to write in first, second or third person. Try to develop a theme. You may want a specific graphic or verbiage to run throughout the publication. Try to jazz up the cover. Use a headline that will capture your reader's attention, so that he/she will open the brochure. Here's a typical marketing brochure outline. You can use some or all of the outline for your own brochure. 1. Introduction -- A strong lead sentence or paragraph 2. Services Offered -- Detailed description of what is being offered. 3. Benefits -- Describe the gain and advantages of the services. 4. Methodology - Method or the way you conduct your services. 5. List -- Depending on your focus, a Board list, an employer list, vendor client, client list, etc. 6. Testimonials -- Endorsements from a variety of sources. 7. Biographical Information -- Highlight staff's credentials or, include general statistics about your population. 8. Next Step -- Phone number and contact person information. # # # (c) Hilary JM Topper November 6, 2000

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