Choices, it's all about Choices

Written by weightloss  |  04. November 2000

Life is full of choices and making the right ones affects us everyday. Your daily choices on food are no different. Breakfast - Don't skip it Need something sweet? Donuts - No, Muffin, Yes. No butter on the muffin so pick one that has some flavor. Bagels - no problem, but not everyday, make it a treat to look forward to or a reward for a smart week of eating. Fast food breakfast - Just don't do it, they are loaded with fat and other things I can't pronounce. Lunch - Be reasonable, don't gourge out. I love to eat lunch, the only problem I have is that if I pig at lunch I might as well just sleep through the rest of the day, because I become a zombie. I try to eat small things I like, for me the perfect lunch is sushi, but that's me. This is the meal to cut portions on, instead of two slices of pizza, have one. Instead of the burger deluxe, how about a burger and a salad. Choices!! make em count.( A word about "diet soda", DON"T! There are many studies that have found that people who consume diet soda actually gain more weight that those who consume the same amount of regualr soda. Drink water) Dinner - What can I say, let's cook! If you cook, you can make gourmet meals that are low in fat but still high in flavor. Some tips: Non-stick pans rule, still use a bit of oil or butter for flavor, but you don't need it to keep your food from sticking so you don't need much. When you are using a fat for flavor you don't need much to make a difference in you dish. Use broth's and ready made soups, but not the canned ones. There are companies that make organic soups in boxes that are just superb in flavor and low in fat, naturally. You can find them at health food stores and other upscale markets and they are very inexpensive. Use a Creme of Mushroom over grilled chicken breasts, serve over no-egg noodles and you have an amazing low fat meal that will satisfy your most gourmet thinking friends! As Arnold said, I'll be back!

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