Organizing Craft Supplies

Written by organizing  |  31. October 2004

Craft supplies are a frequently sought after organizing challenge. Here's a few ideas to corral those stray buttons, beads and googly eyes: Sort & Categorize: During this phase, throw out any unusable items such as old, dried-up markers, and broken crayons. Then place like things together. For younger children, the broader the categories, the easier the crafts are to use and to clean-up. For example: Anything that could be used to glue on a project, i.e.: googly eyes, buttons, felt dots, etc. can all be stored together in one bin marked craft accessories, or decorations, or simply "glue-ons". Similarly, all beads that are used for stringing, regardless of shape, size, or color can all be stored together. Include the beading string, yarn and elastic in this same container in a plastic bag so all materials that are used together, are stored together. Perla beads, for example, can be stored together with the templates and wax paper. Storage: This actually depends on both the quantity of crafts and the storage location. Although small drawers sometimes look easier to use, inevitably materials get mixed up with one another; for children, broader categories, in a container big enough for them to see and use what they need is a lot easier than opening and closing a few drawers. For adult craft storage, a container which has individual compartments, like a toolbox, can keep things separate, yet visible, all at once. This works well for older children as well. Labeling: While clear containers are recommended, each container should be clearly labeled. Label at least 2 sides of each container (a short side and long side); this increases the chances of the label facing out no matter who replaces the container. Accessibility: If possible, try to store the supplies where the activity is to be done. Consider making your container choices based not only on what's going to be inside, but where it's going to be stored; if you have to move the container from one area to another then you'll want something with a handle. One helpful hint: keep generic, often used supplies (scissors, glue, tape, etc.) in a handy caddy (ie: the Homework Helpmate). A caddy is easy to use during the activity, it's portable and it's easy to store. Source: Unknown

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