Are You Ready for Some Sports Bars!

With baseball ending and Football and Hockey season in full swing, get off the couch and check out some of Long Island's great sports cars!

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Long Islanders can major sports fans and we are not afraid of showing it. We seldom find ourselves at home watching the games, but there are many places that Long Islanders can go to enjoy a game.

There is nothing better than good beer, good food, and good company when rooting for your team of choice! Check out one of these great sports bars and show your team spirit!

  • Phat Daddy's Pub: This casual Oceanside Irish Pub will entice you with their delicious and the staff will match whatever you are eating with a great beer!
  • Rockwell's Bar & Grill: Get that home feeling at this bar & grill in Smithtown. Their extensive menu, array of beers and liqours, and multiple flat screens, will keep you happy.
  • Bottomz Up Bar & Grill: With 50 flat screens, this bar & grill will entertain any New York sports fan! Join their VIP program and earn while you eat and drink.
  • Social Sports Kitchen: This bar is across the street from Nassau Coliseum and is a great place to view all your favorite teams or grab a beer after a game.
  • Miller's Ale House: With its many location on Long Island, you can enjoy great food and beer with this ale house's many televisions. 
  • Rookies Sport Club: This bar likes to give everyone what they want and will play up to 10 different games at once! So eat and drink while you keep track of all your sports teams.
  • Grumpy Jacks: This bar will play any NFL, NHL, or any college game you want while you eat their famous wings and half-pound burger.
  • Changing Times Ale House: This bar offers 16 beers on tap and allow any patron to enjoy any game they want to watch, even if it is not popular.
  • Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse at Westbury and Patchogue: These bars have at least 30 flat-screen television and 200 different varities of beer available to patrons. Enjoy any game and any beer of your choice at these locations.

There are so many different sports bars on Long Island, why not try them all?

What is your favorite New York sports team? Which bar do you like to go to and support your team? Tell us in the comments below!