Credibility: It Must Be Earned

Written by mediarelations  |  28. October 2004

Honesty is the best policy. Sound silly? It shouldn't! As a media relations/public relations professional, the most important asset in dealing with the press is credibility. It could take years, but credibility must be earned. Put simply, it means that a reporter must be able to trust you...100 percent of the time. And remember, it works both ways! *Never lie, even if you can't supply an answer. Say you don't know or say nothing. *Never favor one news outlet at the expense of another. *Get back to the reporter in a timely fashion...don't make excuses. *Furnish the reporter with a phone number or pager number where they can reach you. Knowing you are available to them is key! News doesn't wait for anyone or anything. Ultimately, the relationship between you and the media has an impact on the quality and quantity of coverage your organization will receive.

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