HERE I AM!!!! ok, so it's not that exciting, but still......

Written by lisingles  |  28. October 2000

Ok fabulous people, i have finally done it.I finally have my Picture (as horrible as it is!!!!) up. It was taken at by a co-worker of mine about a week ago at work. I hope you enjoy it as much as i do (not!) Now let me apollogize for my lengthy, over-extended abscense. Just know that it was all with a purpose. So as I stated on the last update, I went to see a friend in Plattsburgh, NY - and it was amazing. I don't think people really appreciate how truely beautiful it is upstate - and I'm not refering to the environment! But anyway due to my laziness,my horribly timed writters block, and preparations for the big 2-1 (its my birthday soon!) I have managed to come up with an idea. Almost like a slogan for single people. Honesty. Now I know i've stated this previously but its true. Only this time i mean honesty with yourself. You can give a zillion pieces of advice - but never follow your own. So I did. I've stated in the past how if you make eye contact with someone to say something cause you'll never know what could happen. But I never really did that well with it, till one morning about a week or two ago when a cute boy walked into my local deli. It was 7:30 am, on a sunday morning and I had just gotten off work - he had just gotten in from a night in the city (so i loved him already!) and we made eye contact. Then we proceeded to share chit-chat about how it was cold, how we ended up living around the corner from each other, and how we had common 'friends'. This all has led to an amazing 3 dates so far - all just cause we took a chance. He even walked me out to the car with my bags. (who says chivarly is dead!?) So go for it! Carpe Diem - who knows? Maybe next time you see that cute guy/girl you should just utter that one word that starts it all -"Hello".

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