Get your Scare on at Spooky Fest! Take a Peek Inside this Family-Friendly Territory

Written by Chelsea Triola  |  25. October 2014

As you first enter the grounds of Rockville Centre’s Tanglewood Preserve, where Spooky Fest is held, it looks like a fun and entertaining place to be… complete with activities including facepainting, arts and crafts, animal exhibits, fortune telling and photo ops with The Merry Monsters. You then make your way to the Spooky Walk entrance where you are greeted by staff who wish you luck as you begin your saunter through the monster infested woods. 
There is little to no light as you make your way through, what catches your attention is the monsters that jump out from behind trees and bushes… some who enjoy getting uncomfortably close while letting out high pitched screams. As you pass them, you begin to believe you have a moment of peace, but then hear the faint footsteps behind you. You aren’t alone. These creatures are now following you as eerie noises come from their mouths. Keep watching in front of you though, a monster may be running full speed at you. Once the being passes you, he will make sure he is not forgotten by stalking you as you pick up the pace through the mysterious woods.
To add to these invasive individuals, as you walk through you notice monsters in cages and a skeleton being roasted like a pig, just turning and turning while being made someone's meal. The woods seem to be never ending, as you come up to two dirt paths… there is a sign that reads “choose wisely,” and this is not to be taken lightly. During the Spooky Walk you will enter through rooms with neon lighting and flashing lights, making it difficult to see in front of you. Are you headed the right way? Is someone standing in front of you? You won’t know unless you take a step further. You may be greeted by masked creatures that are lurking in the woods as you are trying to gain your composure to find the right direction to head in. 
Upon exiting the Spooky Walk you can decide if you’re ready for some more scares by heading into the Maze of Zombies or you can relax a bit by taking a stroll through the Not-So-Spooky Walk. This walk is geared towards a younger crowd and is filled with lots of interesting Halloween decor and lighting. Fun characters greet you with high-fives and you can even take some photos inside the walk, too! The kiddies will love the setting and will feel a friendly connection with the characters who put great passion and animation into their work. If your children want to participate in some more Halloween fun, after the walk they can take part in face painting, fortune telling and arts and crafts. This is something not many haunts offer, allowing parents and adults to take on the Spooky Walk on their own while the kids are busy showing off their artistic talent. 
If you choose the Maze of Zombies instead… prepare to be a lot less relaxed! As you enter, a staff member refers to you as “fresh meat” to alert the family of zombies inside. Once you are within the maze, you have to turn tight corners, not knowing what to expect next. You are welcomed by a zombie woman who moans and groans while staring blankly at you. Her makeup and clothing show you just how much work goes into every little detail of this frightening puzzle. The props used are made to disgust you as you stare at them wondering how they became so horrific looking. The zombie woman follows you out of her room, which is set up as part of the zombies’ home, where other creatures are sure to be lurking. The maze begins to bring an overwhelming feeling, with flashing lights that make you question which way is up. You aren’t finished yet, you first need to make your way through a room where the zombie woman’s family members are feasting on the insides of their latest victim. The gruesome sight makes you walk faster and faster, praying that the end is near. As you almost reach the exit, you hear an emotional boy asking for help, who reaches his arms out at you as you tread past him. He is unable to get to you thanks to the zombie who has the boy under his reigns. 
All while being terrorized during the Spooky Walk and The Maze of Zombies, you will also be supporting a wonderful cause that this not-for-profit organization is running.  Attend these fun and frightening events that are prepared weeks in advance for your pleasure and help donate to the Center for Science, Teaching and Learning (CSTL) and the animals that belong in its exhibits. It is truly a creative and captivating experience set in a family-friendly environment that everyone can enjoy!
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