Halloween.....Costumes and Craziness

Written by lisingles  |  23. October 2001

So here we are. Halloween is fast approaching and I still have no costume idea in mind, yet thousand of costumed events to attend. For instance this saturday at Mulcahey's is a Halloween Bash with my new favorite Local band - Peat Moss and the Fertilizers. Also this Saturday I'm going to a Halloween Bowling Party in Central Islip with my "Adoptive' family - as in i adopted them to be my new family. Also next week there are going to be crazy parties at almost any bar or club on the Isle and in the City. I'm at a loss right nw though for a costume. I usually have one picked out every year about 3 months before hand - and I never buy it. I always make it from scratch by utilizing my Old clothes I never wear anymore ad local thrift shops. I also do all my own make-ups and effects. last year I was a Renansaince bride. the year before that I was a dead prom queen. before that a 'Goth' chick (this one was the least hassle, as I was still in my goth phase. I just vamped it up more than usuall. But this is has ben the hardest. Especially in the aftermath of September 11th. I am not one to noramlly care if I offend someone (hence one year I was a domestic abuse victim) and I rarely do anything normal but its been so crazy i haven't even given it a second thought. So with all the parties set, and all the plans somewhat in order I have only one idea for a costume. A very dead and very abused Bin Laden. you know; Turban, Rope around the neck, blood all over the clothes with USA grafitti everywhere and a bullet hole or two though my head. Apparently however I was told though good in theory - it would be a poor execution. If anything i'll just smile, and throw ona dress and make-up and pretend to be Barbie's much older, much heavier, more real looking sister. It could work. So as for last week at Sugar Ray - oodles of fun, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get an interview - though I tried my hardest. And keep your eyes open to this website cause as the holidays start the posts will be more and more recent seeings as how i'm working with my local boy Ricky from Ucada to co-ordinate some shows for the victims of the WTC tradgedy's by having a Christmas toy drive. So be on the lookout for more. And if anybody has events of there own (local band, clubs giving proceeds of door, ect.) E-mail me so I can post em. So Happy Halloween to all, as this will be my last post till November, So i'll leave you with these parting words from Mr. Matthews and the boys (DMB) "Why would you care, to getout of this place. You and me and all our friends - such a happy Human Race" - Tripping Billies P.S. - for those who have read past articles and know my deal - I got 4 months today (10/23/01)

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