MEDIA ADVISORY 10/22 Gershow Recycling Donates 32 Vehicles to "Gone in 6 Hours"

Written by Hank Russell  |  19. October 2011

Who: Gershow Recycling North Merrick Fire Department Genesis Rescue Systems Teams of students What: Gershow Recycling is donating 32 vehicles to "Gone in 6 Hours," an educational seminar sponsored by Gershow, the North Merrick Fire Department Scholarship Fund and Genesis Rescue Systems. During this event, firefighters from local fire departments will perform extrications on the vehicles provided by Gershow Recycling under six different scenarios: advanced vehicle stabilization; vehicle over a Jersey barrier, severe side-impact collisions; flapping vehicle floors; air bags; and vehicles underneath a tractor trailer. Gone in Six Hours is hosted by the North Merrick Fire Department in conjunction with Genesis Rescue Systems. This year's extrication exercise/fundraiser is in memory of Firefighter Anthony Betulia and Lieutenant John Farrell, both of whom served with the North Merrick Fire Department. When: Saturday, October 22, 2011 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Where: 4 Towns Training Center 1650 Merrick Road Merrick, NY Directions: LIE to Exit 44 (Rte. 135 South) toward Seaford. Take Exit 2W to merge onto Sunrise Highway toward New York. Make a slight right onto the rampto Jones Beach. Go 4.2 miles, then merge onto Meadowbrook State Parkway South. Take Exit M9 E for Merrick Road E toward Merrick. Merge onto Merrick Road. 4 Towns Training Center will be on the right. Photo Ops: Representatives from Gershow, the North Merrick Fire Department and the firefighters taking part in the exercise, along with the cars being used in the event. ### Started in 1964 by Sam Gershowitz, Gershow Recycling began as a two man operation with a tractor and trailer, a boom truck and the first portable car flattener. Now with the second generation carrying on the legacy, Gershow generates over 750 jobs, contributing millions of dollars to the local economy, while helping to preserve Long Island's environment. Gershow Recycling takes aluminum, brass, copper, steel, cast iron, appliances, cars and vehicles. In keeping with its philosophy of "Conserving the Future by Recycling the Past," Gershow Recycling purchases scrap metal that would have otherwise wound up in local landfills, and turns them into high-quality scrap products for recycling. The company produces both ferrous and non-ferrous products.

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