Horseability Haunted Hay Barn Ready to Scare Those Entering Its Horse Stables This Halloween Season!

Written by Andrew Cohen  |  21. October 2015

The Horseability Haunted Hay Barn is coming back for its second season with the help of the creative minds at the Bayville Haunted Firehouse. This Halloween Season expect to experience 13 rooms of absolute terror from inside horse stables from 1914. Seeing the horse ranch alone brings a chill, but add on the tales of supernatural existence at the barn  and you'll be scared out of your wits as you enter the attraction with hands coming out to grab you and rooms creatively designed to resemble that of an insane asylum.

When it's not Halloween Season, Horseability Center for Equine Facilitated Programs is where therapeutic riding programs are offered. Programs are offered to children, adults and families with special needs to promote physical, psychosocial, emotional, social and spiritual well being. However, come October it is turned into the Horseability Haunted Hay Barn -- a haunted hay barn attraction.

Major Highlights
There are unexpected twists and turns at every corner. The actors immediately immerse you into the haunted experience through their role playing and outstanding make-up and costume set-up. Each room you enter also offers a new interactive experience.

Line Queue Entertainment
While on line, you can purchase their hot apple cider or other tasty treats to enjoy while waiting. You can also find entertainment through the photo booth, complete with terrifying fun props or play Frisbee in an open space while waiting. For those dedicated to waiting on the line, the experience can begin before you even enter because actors are interacting with haunt victims while they wait to enter the attraction.

Overall Length
There are 13 rooms to experience and each room offers a skit with actors that run a couple of minutes. The experience can run 10-15 minutes or longer depending on how long you choose to stay in each room.

Appropriate For: Adults and children 10 years old and up.

Ticket Pricing: $13 (100% of funds go to HorseAbility for programs and to restore the barn). 

Location and Visibility: HorseAbility Haunted Hay Barn is located at 223 Store Hill Road in Old Westbury. Take Route 107 to Wenwood Drive into the main entrance of SUNY Old Westbury. From there, follow the signs to the parking lot next to the barn. The roads are windy and signs may be hard to see so the alternative option is to park at the main campus where (free) shuttle buses run frequently from the parking lot and haunt.

A Deeper Look
Horsability Haunted Hay Barn will definitely provide you with the big scares you're looking for this Halloween Season.

One of my biggest fears is the elevator. I've always been terrorified when having to enter one and at this haunt, you're directed to go into one once you enter. Your essentially trapped in it and in the midst of the darkness, you realize your not alone. Actors creep out gazing at you until you back into the wall. In the distance you can hear bangs, screams, and cries for help, but it's so dark you can't see much at a distance. You're only left to imagine what hauntingly insane activities must be going on.

When you're finally welcomed to check into the insane asylum, you're given a bracelet. You proceed on a narrow path that begins to come across like an obstacle course. Arms start coming out of walls grabbing you and you don't know when or where the next one strikes.

One of the more hauntingly memorable rooms is the children's room where you see girls carrying creepy dolls. When you enter, you're approached by two mysterious girls who want you to play with their dolls. The dolls sing, and the eyes and mouths are gouged out. When the chilling sing-along to “Ring Around the Rosie” suddenly comes to an end, you're left with a sense of terror wondering what to expect next from the haunt.

Another memorable room, but with a bit more blood to it is the beetle juice themed room. Here you come across entangled legs coming out of the couch and a man shaving. You get a dreadful stare from the mirror as blood is gushing down the man's neck. This room topped the scare factor for me and I sped out.

While it's only the second season HorseAbility's been running, it's on a great roll to offering a unique, hauntingly horrifying Halloween experience. The attention to detail in room design and actors' make-up and costume completely helps to immerse the visitor in the experience. There's originality to this haunt and all the time and effort put in by volunteers to create the haunt has been nothing less than outstanding.

HorseAbility Haunted Hay Barn truly offers a terrifying experience. I encourage you to visit the barn this Halloween Season for a good scare -- and remember, all proceeds go to benefit the not-for-profit organization!

For more information on visiting HorseAbility Haunted Hay Barn this Halloween season, including dates & times, photos, videos and reviews from fellow Haunt Seekers, be sure to check out their profile page!

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