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Fun Ideas for Your Kid-Friendly Halloween Party

Put on your costume and get ready for an overload of fun and fond memories at your kid-friendly Halloween party!

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Fall is one of the most festive seasons of the year, so unsurprisingly it is also the season in which Halloween falls! Who couldn’t love a holiday completely devoted to eating sweets, dressing up in cool costumes, and marathon watching cheesy horror films, and actually have an excuse as to why you’re doing it! Halloween is a time to celebrate and what better way to celebrate than by throwing a fun kid-friendly Halloween party!

Decorating the house beforehand is a must. Stick spooky decals on the windows, drape orange and black streamers around the house and stake funny tombstones in the front yard. Go for more of silly yet spooky look instead of a scary one to keep the celebration kid-friendly. Don’t forget to add funny little gags like candy eye balls and rubber fingers into the bowls of chips and popcorn to surprise the kids.

Here are some other fun ideas for your kid-friendly Halloween party.

  • Have a majority rules costume contest! Let everyone vote for the one costume that they think should win Best Costume, have them write it on a small slip of paper and toss them all into a plastic cauldron and mix them up. Now pick them out one at a time and see who the top three contenders were. Have fun Halloween themed prizes, like a pair of vampire teeth, wacky eye glasses, or some other silly prize.
  • Soon the kids are going to have an abundance of colorful candies lying around the house that they can snack on, so why not satisfy their sweet tooth with a different kind of treat! Go pick up some apples from the store, or if you’ve recently gone apple picking, pick from the plentiful amount you collected out in the orchards! Now all you need to do is melt caramel, pop the apples on sticks, maybe pick a few different toppings, like nuts or crushed up pretzels, to dip the apples in, let it set a little bit, then sit back and enjoy!
  • With things like the internet and television so prevalent and commonplace in daily life, it’s very rare that we get a chance to gather everyone in a circle, with a flashlight, to tell scary ghost stories by the fire. Take the opportunity and start things off with one of your favorite ghost stories you heard growing up as a kid.
  • Have the kids do a pumpkin decorating activity, no carving necessary! First let the kids pick out a pumpkin of their choice then set out paint, stickers, and other fun embellishments that they can stick to their pumpkin. Check out our No Carve Necessary Pumpkin Decorating for Fall article for even more awesome decorating ideas.
  • Host a Halloween movie marathon! Keep in mind that with younger kids you will have to be careful not to pick out anything too scary and make sure all of the films are age appropriate material. Youngers kids might enjoy movies like ‘Casper,’ ‘Hocus Pocus,’ ‘It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ or an animated Halloween themed Disney movie.

Photo by Pam Roth via Free Images