Written by sellingyourhome  |  17. October 2001

Have you recently or in the past thought about selling your home? It is a decision that can make you nuts. I recently have been running into people who are thinking of their future. They say, "So what do you think the Real Estate market will do? Do you think it will go up or down? Will it stay the same?" Nobody can say what will happen. I only know it is still a Sellers market. Sellers are still getting the prices they are seeking. Mortgage rates are down and Buyers are ready, willing and able to make the sale! Recently, a gentlemen asked me to look at his house and tell hime what it could sell for. He didn't realize that it was something Realtors do for free. Well, after I told him what the figure was he was amazed. Three or four times in a row he said, "really, really, really, really". Then he said, "I had no idea". Most people are amazed and plesantly surprised. When he told his wife she too was amazed. She said she would sell and take the money she makes and buy a Condo or a less priced home and invest the rest. He went on to say...,"Do you know what I paid for this house...$56,000" His home could sell in todays market for $375,000. All I can say is if you are thinking of selling contact a Realtor. Let them come to your house and do a Market Analysis. It only takes a few minutes and who knows you too might be saying, "really, really, really, really" or "I had no idea"! Call me, Stacey, today and I can tell you what your home might sell for in todays market. IS THIS YOU? You are thinking of selling but you haven't put your home up for sale because you want to make renovations. You want to renovate the bathroom or kitchen or siding or something. You figure if you do this you will be better off and get a better price for your home. But, at what cost will the waiting be to you? If you wait will the Real Estate market still be a Sellers market? Or a Buyers? Will your renovations be what a buyer wants? Or will the buyer just do it over to their taste. One thing to consider is you are not a Realtor. Realtors know the conditions of the Real Estate market better than most people. Invite a Realtor over to look at your home, even if you aren't planning to list your home that day. The Realtor will let you know if it will make a big difference in what your home might sell for. Who knows your home might be just what the buyer wants and in the condition they want it. Buyers see houses through their eyes. Selling your house is a big decision. There are lots of things to consider. If are considering selling and would like to make an appointment for me or one of my associates to take a look at your house just let me know. After all...I am LongIsland.com's expert on "Selling Your Home"! If you have any questions or comments about this or any other aspect of Real Estate, please do not hesistate to contact me. Stacey Pavlat Prudential Long Island Realty New York State Licensed Salesperson 124 West Main Street Babylon, New York 11702 (631) 422- 7510 ext. 220 email: staceyatpru@aol.com

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