Fundraiser For Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A charity fundraiser is being held by two local businesses for the non-profit Maurer Foundation

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Two women-owned small local businesses, To Tie-Dye for Clothing and Beadazzled by Sky, are running a charity fundraiser in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Both companies have teamed up to sell pink tie-dye face masks with beaded chain lanyards.. They are selling for $35 for adults, and $25 for children.  For every mask chain purchased, $5 will be donated to The Maurer Foundation.  The fundraiser will last throughout October.

Interested customers can message either To Tie-Dye for Clothing or Beadazzled by Sky on Facebook or Instagram to order/purchase.  Their goal is to increase awareness of a local breast cancer charity, The Maurer Foundation and to give back to the community, specifically those who have or are struggling with breast cancer and their families, especially during this pandemic.

Marion Schwaner, 26, is a resident of Lynbrook, a graduate of Sacred Heart Academy and Marist College, and the founder of To Tie-Dye for Clothing.  Marion founded her company this past May after being laid off from her job in March. 

You can find Marion on  Facebook and Instagram

Skylar Blake, 22, who founded Beadazzled by Sky is currently a nursing student at NYU and a resident of East Rockaway.  Skylar also started her own business a few months ago selling beaded jewelry and accessories.

  Find Skylar on Facebook and Instagram