Canstruction: A Creative Cure For Hunger

Canstruction helps end hunger one masterpiece at a time. The awards ceremony is set for October 25th. New creative participants are always welcomed.

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This October, art and hunger go hand in hand with Canstruction. Canstruction is a benefit which boosts participants creativity all while fighting hunger in the area. The charity has raised over 193,000 cans of food since 2007. For five years, this benefit works with five person teams composed of business representatives, students at either the college students, K-12 students, community members, associations, engineers, architects and contractors. These teams each compete and build large scale, magnificent structures that are composed entirely from cans. Each team is liable to provide their own cans to make their desired masterpiece. The canned food is displayed for walkers by to marvel at, and then it is donated to a food bank, which is where LI Cares comes in. LI Cares distributes those once artistic, uncanny cans and feeds the growing number of homeless people in our area. In order to be part of the can effort, your team can be signed up on the Canstruction page. To sign up as collegiate level and professional participants the fee is $250.00, but for K-12 school teams or community group teams the fee is $150.00.

The Canstruction awards ceremony, is set for 6 to 9 pm on  October 25th In Uniondale. To be a part of Canstruction you have two options: participation, or to experience the viewing pleasure on the sidelines of the awards ceremony. To participate and build your own structure it costs $75.00 and to view the ceremony is $100.00.

 The brilliant works created at Canstruction show shine a light on the issue of poverty within the community. The organization is making a global effort to end hunger. To learn more about Canstruction you can visit this page.