Renowned Life Coach Available to New Clients

Written by Long Island  |  14. October 2011

Jodi Pesca, CEO Living Authentic - Life Coaching 516-848-2524 Jpesca@livingauthentic.org Press Release Renowned Life Coach Available to New Clients Farmingdale, NY - October 14th, 2011 Jodi Pesca, CEO and founder of Living Authentic- Life Coach has recently announced she is accepting new clients for professional life coaching services. Recognized as a premier life coach, she offers one on one coaching sessions designed to encourage and empower individuals to achieve their goals and live an authentic life. Jodi's kind hearted approach will keep you motivated during the rough spots and joyful and grateful during your goal accomplishments and milestones. Jodi completed her training through Fowler Wainwright International and studied psychology at Dowling College; she has seen first-hand the value of a mentorship to the success of making large life changes. Jodi works with people who want to improve their lives in a specific way, such as losing weight, changing careers, getting a better understanding of one's self, finding healthy relationships or taking their business to a new level. She works with clients on stress management, time management, goal setting and achieving those goals. Jodi assist's her clients to live a more balanced life that reflects the their values and priorities Jodi also incorporates EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) therapy into her coaching practice. EFT is a gentle, non-evasive form of emotional acupressure using ancient Chinese acupuncture points. EFT is a friendly version of acupuncture because needles aren't necessary. Jodi helps clients "tune in" to their emotional issue while stimulating stress relief points by tapping on them with their fingertips. This provides a "balancing effect" that replaces negative emotions with a form of peace. Results are immediate and lasting. EFT is effective for health issues, stress, weight problems, cravings, fears, phobias, grief and past events. More information about life coaching and EFT with Jodi is available by contacting www.livingauthentic.org or contact Jodi via Phone 516-848-2524 or email Jpesca@livingauthentic.org

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