Passion to Profession, become a Certified Personal Trainer.

Written by healthandfitness  |  12. October 2004

You may have done it all, gone to the gym, work with a personal trainer, and work out on your own. Suddenly, you have people asking for your advise on different exercises. The skills you have accumulated are now being passed along to friends and family members. How can you make your passion for fitness a new career? If you belong to a gym, ask a staff member how they became involved with fitness and what is involved with becoming a personal trainer or group exercise instructor. They may throw out to you various letters of the alphabet strung together to form acronyms. Such as ACE, AFAA, ACSM, NASM, NCSF, etc... What does this all mean and what is the difference? This is good information to have even if you are looking for a personal trainer. Each is a certifying organization that requires one to continue their education by taking continuing education courses. These courses maintain certification status for the personal trainer and group exercise instructor and further educates them on new trends, studies, and networking opportunities. Many gyms and clubs will hire certified personnel and insist that they maintain their certification. This enhances the quality of their staff and facility. As Vice President of ECA World Fitness, it is important to see qualified trainers and educators within the health and fitness field. We are dedicated in the educational process, and in promoting current information and trends for the advancement of trainers and the profession itself. Our East Coast Instructor Training School, or ECITS offers academic education with hands on practical skills that allow you to apply your knowledge within a classroom environment. Training includes flexibility, exercise selection, alignment, and communication. Our classes are offered on Long Island and in New York City four times a year. ECITS will also offer professional support and continuing education opportunities after you graduate. The opportunity to further your own passion for fitness and exercise can become a fulfilling profession that allows you to help others. For more information call, 516-432-6877.

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