Kitchen Troubles

Written by babystuff  |  12. October 2000

My son and I have lots of times when it's just the two of us. It's nice. There are times when I'm trying to cook dinner though and he wants to be in the kitchen playing and doing whatever I'm doing. He's always been especially fond of how loud the pots and pans can be when you smack em together. Like any kitchen, there are certain cupboards that are okay, and certain ones that are much too dangerous. I'm not the type to have padding and locks all over the place but I do have a lock where the cleaning supplies are. Let's face it: no room for error there. I didn't mind Luc playing with pots and pans or the drawer that has the spatulas and big spoons in it. Then when I looked around the kitchen one day I realized that EVERY door and drawer looked identical. How could Luc differentiate between the "good" cabinets and the "bad" ones? I bought some Mickey Mouse knobs at Target one day and put the knobs on the cabinets or drawers that were "Luc" cabinets. Now it was easy for him to see which were okay for him, and which were only for Mommy & Daddy.

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