Karate Tournaments & Upcoming Events

Written by karate  |  07. October 2007

Greetings to all Martial Arts Practicioners and Enthusiasts. Its been a busy September and October so far in my schools. This is the time of year parents look for a indoor activities and KARATE and SELF DEFENSE are perfect for getting in great shape and learning skills that will benefit you for a Lifetime. October also marks Martial Arts Tournament time on Long Island and I would like to bring to your attention a few (not all) karate tournaments and special events. If any Martial Arts schools would like to forward to me their event I would professionally pass that event information on. Saturday October 13th in Kempo Martial Arts Dojo you can meet the Worldwide Head of Kajukenpo (Kempo) Sijo Adriano Emperado 10th Dan and originator of what is known as "Kempo"Interactive clinics with Sijos top students and picture session will also be made available. Contact Rich Fescina (631)585-6111 for more information. This will truely be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all serious martial artists. The New York State Martial Arts Championships will be held Sunday October 14th at SUNY Farmingdale. This tournament is open to all styles and professionally organized and under the directorship of Don Rodriguez and Rich Fescina. Hurry don't delay call (631)585-6111 for information & applications The Long Island Kempo Alliance Invitational. Open to all Kempo/Kenpo practicioners Events include Kata (Forms) Sparring (Kumite) Self Defense ande Weapons. This year there will also be an event for beginners white-orange belt called "Demonstration" This event is designed to build self esteem and confidence. All students can do any martial arts technique they think are their best and will receive a Winners Trophy. Contact Tournament Director Tom Campbell (631)813-2092 For information and tournament applications. January 11th-13th 2008 The Action Martial Arts Hall of Fame Weekend in Atlantic City. This is the best opportunity to meet and take a workshop with The Worlds Greatest Martial Artists and Masters. Contact Alan Goldberg (718)856-8070. We believe martial arts (karate) tournaments are a tool and a measurement of your in class training. I always stress participation before competition. As always I leave you with this thought-As a teacher it's my responsibility to open doors. As a student you must choose to walk thru them.

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