Back in the swing....

Written by lisingles  |  07. October 2001

So the time has come for us to get back into the swing of things. For many reasons it makes perfect sense, and yet seems so odd at the same time. I've done my part for the economy by going down to Atlantic City and winning about $250 and then spending it ALL (with about another $300) in my new favorite clothing store H&M in SmithHaven Mall....but then again, that really only helps me. I also donated about $300 to charity so I figure for now we're just about even! So my friends and I are getting "back to normal" by checking out all the Island has to offer. The recent Charity concerts at the Vanderbilt were nothing short of Awesome, and I was glad to see hometown rockers Nine Days there (love those guys!). Also another great local band Ucada (www.ucada.com) Have been unvbelieveable with their efforts to raise money and collect goods for the Salvation Army. You should definetly check out their web-site to see what you can do. But we've also been going out as well and having fun...cause afterall life is all about fun, not dreading the unknown. And as my friends and I have said - the best justice we could give to those whom we've lost is to continue our lives and go on living. So with that said we went to Mulcahy's this weekend and caught the Peat Moss and the Fertilizers show along with Big Shot; the Billy Joel Tribute band. Which was a great set of music and a great way to spend a friday night. Peat Moss is playing there again this weekend (Saturday the 13th) and I strongly suggest you check them out. Their cover songs do the muusic everybit of justice, and I went to their website (www.peatmoss1.com)to check out some original stuff and was even more impressed withh their talents. We also saw Ants Marching, the Dave Matthews Tribute band - and comming from a "DaveHead", those guys rocked! And next week we have plans to go to a comedy show, a dance club, and then the next week - my favorite's -Sugar Ray at Stonybrook University - GOD I CAN'T WAIT FOR THAT!!!! (i love you Mark!) By the way tickets are still available for the Sugar Ray show (visit ticketmaster.com for more info) and are around $30. It will also give you directions to the venue if you need them. I'm gonna try to work my magic and maybe get an interview with the guys and post it here so you can see what big name acts think about the Island music scene, and the people of Long Island in general. So in closing for now...enjoy life to the fullest and just keep on keeping on!

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