Planning Your Honeymoon

Written by wedding-planner  |  06. October 2003

By the time your honeymoon arrives-the two of you will be exhausted and ready for some alone time. Think about the type of vacation you want. Do you want warm climate and to just relax on a beach; do you want snow for winter activities or do you want to travel all around Europe. Several popular locations are: The Hawaiian Island-The Poconos-The Caribbean Islands-Mexican Riviera-Hilton Head, South Carolina-Las Vegas, Nevada-San Diego, CA-San Antonio, TX-Breckenridge, CO-cruise ships-and good old Disney World. Traveling Advice: Take most of your money in traveler's checks-be sure to have small denominations. Covert some cash to the foreign currency for initial expenses. You get a better rate using a credit card for purchases. Keep a list of your traveler's check's numbers, credit card numbers and checking account numbers separate from where you are keeping them. Carry the phone numbers to all these companies incase you lose them. Label luggage inside and out. Keep a list of luggage items incase you need to file a claim. Put a bright ribbon on the outside of your luggage so you can easily spot them on the conveyor belt at the airport. Keep medications, and important documents in carry-on bag, as well as a day's worth of clothes and toiletries. Check with rental car companies in advance regarding age policy. Have your wedding gifts on your homeowner's insurance policy. Have the bride use her maiden name for all travel documents as the airport requires the name to match. Most important-HAVE FUN!!! If you need help planning your wedding call Marriage Before & After at 631.987.0012.

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