Written by childwriting  |  05. October 2000

Everyone asks themselves this question at one time or another, whether it's for a school assignment or a personal journal. Here's one way to begin writing a realistic fiction story. Start simple. Have one character walk down the business street in your town. Jot down who is with the character, what the character sees, and what happens around the character. You have started creating three story basics: setting, character, and action. Be as detailed and creative as you wish. Describe in detail the following: Where is the setting? Is the setting in the past, present, future? What does the character look like? What is he or she wearing? etc. What is the character doing(action), walking, dreaming, dancing? etc. Don't worry about overkill, you can always edit later, but for now get all your thoughts down and the writing will become easier. What do I write about (2) will be coming soon. CHECK OUT OUR CONTEST for Halloween on the link below

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