How to Incorporate Pumpkins into your Wedding Theme

Put the perfect touch on your October wedding by having a pumpkin theme!

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October is here which means it is officially pumpkin season! If you’re a lover of the fall season and the orange pumpkins it comes with, why not incorporate these things into your wedding day
Fall weddings are absolutely gorgeous because of all the changing colors, which look amazing in photos as well. Add some more color by using pumpkins all throughout your celebration!
Save the Dates 
Have some photos taken of you and your partner before you send out your save the dates. This will allow you to use the photo on your save the dates which is an adorable way to let your friends and family know about your big day! In the photo, place pumpkins at your feet with the date largely written on them in bold marker. You can also each hold a pumpkin or make it even more fun by standing on top of them and hold hands! There are endless ideas as to where to place the pumpkins in the photos, so get creative!
A Place for the Cards
A safe spot for the gifts that come in card form are very important. Cards are not only filled with warm wishes but usually some money as well, so be sure to place them somewhere where no one can easily get to them. A great idea is to slice a pumpkin at the top, right below the stem. This way your guests can place the card in and once it’s inside, they can’t take it back out. Decorate the pumpkin by writing “CARDS” on it so everyone knows where to put theirs. When you’re ready to take the cards out and read them, cut open the pumpkin and there you have it! 
There are so many pumpkin centerpiece ideas you can really think outside the box with. Carve your last name initial into a pumpkin and cut open the top where the stem is so you can place a candle inside. This will illuminate the table and look absolutely beautiful! These centerpieces will turn heads when everyone enters and will look stunning in photographs as well. 
If you’re interested in having some type of floral arrangement as a centerpiece, hollow out a pumpkin for each table and place blooming flowers inside! Choose something that goes with the color orange and flows nicely with the rest of you pumpkin decor. Place mini pumpkins around the large one to add a bit more decor to the table.
Another great centerpiece idea is to use the mini pumpkins to place tealight candles in. These can be surrounding a larger part of the centerpiece, which can be an item you desire, such as a bouquet or a mason jar filled with flowers. 
A unique way to show your guests appreciation for attending your big day is to send them home with a delicious treat they can enjoy later on. For your favors, setup mason jars filled with the ingredients to the seasonal pumpkin pie. Attached to the jar, have the recipe written down along with your wedding date!
Have a pumpkin themed wedding idea you would like to share? Comment below!