Budget Vacation Packages - How to Get the Deals!

Written by transportation  |  04. October 2007

Sure, a vacation sounds good to you! A free or low-cost vacation sounds even better. But there are a few important points to remember when choosing vacation packages. If you don't think economically, and even cautiously, then your next vacation could actually turn out to be an extravagant bill you can't afford. Consider a four important points. 1. All Inclusive Trip? You probably know of game shows where the contestant wins an all-inclusive trip to some place exotic. That's the key word to look for: all-inclusive. This usually means that the flight, the hotel stay and entertainment, and sometimes even the rental car are all included in one hopefully low bill. If your vacation does not say all-inclusive then you may be paying only for the flight or the hotel stay. Low-cost tickets to Disneyland may sound like a good deal, but can you afford to fly the whole family, stay at a high priced hotel and get around town in a rental car? 2. Comparing the Costs Some cautious vacationers have done the math on their own - and found some savings to boot. An all inclusive-vacation is convenient and sometimes can offer you a lower price in one combined subtotal. However, if you can find voucher coupons and don't mind investing some hours of research, you may be able to put together a vacation yourself with a subtotal that still beats the all-inclusive plan. 3. Will You Enjoy It? This is particularly important for honeymoon vacations and family vacations. Older adults and young children tire easily, so plan a trip that your entire traveling party will enjoy. If you plan a trip just for the kids, it will be a long and expensive vacation for the adults. You may plan a trip that sounds fun to you, but what will your children do in the meantime? Will your honeymoon vacation take into consideration both the bride and groom's interest? Or will the two of you be so busy enjoying "room service" that you don't even get to see all of the popular sightseeing spots? One way to maximize the fun is to make a list of what your entire traveling party wants to do on the vacation and plan a trip accordingly. Sometimes a vacation that is actually enjoyable, and doesn't cause any frustration or disappointment, ends up being the most convenient. 4. Can You Afford The Full Vacation? While some all-inclusive vacations take care of your every need, others merely will pay for the hotel stay and airfare. That means you still have to pay for food, entertainment and other vacation supplies. Can you afford to eat out every night? Does the hotel charge extra for food and beverages? If you cannot afford all of the vacation, then you may want to buy regular grocery supplies ahead of time and limit your outgoing dining to maybe once a day, or only a few times a week. Ask yourself if you can indeed afford your vacation. If you're vacationing on a tight budget, then start planning well ahead of time. ---------- Article provided by Quickbeam, LLC. Reprinted with permission, all rights reserved.

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