Make this Halloween Healthier with Alternative Treats & Participate in Halloween Candy Buyback

Help make this Halloween healthier! Consider alternative treats to candy and look into participating in a local Halloween Candy Buyback location.

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Every year trick-or-treaters get to bring home bags and buckets full of sugary sweets! It’s so much at times that the supply is good enough to last a whole year or even longer. Sure, kids like candy, but too much is not good, particularly on the teeth!

To help make this Halloween healthier, consider giving away non-candy treats. And if you’re on the receiving end of treats this Halloween, consider one of the local Halloween Candy Buyback locations. Kids get something in return for donating their candy treats, like a toothbrush or restaurant coupons and prizes, and the treats get sent to the troops overseas.

Alternative Halloween Treats

  • Stickers or stamps: Tell me a kid that doesn’t like stickers or stamps? They love them! Select from ones with Halloween-themes or those featuring popular characters, superheroes, princesses, etc.
  • Glow-in-the-dark light stick: Make trick-or-treating in the evening even more fun with things that can glow in the dark.
  • Pencil: There are plenty of designs to choose from with a Halloween-theme, like pumpkins, ghost and goblins, candy corn, etc.
  • Eraser: Just like pencils, erasers are something kids can use, and they also come in many Halloween designs.
  • Money: Help trick-or-treaters fill up their piggy bank with money as a Halloween treat. It can be a penny, nickel, dime quarter – you decided!
  • Mini Play Doh: After a long session of trick-or-treating, parents will appreciate this to help keep the kids busy and kids will love playing with it!
  • Healthy treat: A treat on Halloween doesn’t necessary have to be candy, consider all the other food options like boxed raisins, pretzels, or cereal bars.

Wishing everyone a happy, safe, and healthy Halloween this year!

Photo by Edwin Pijpe, via Free Images.