Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes with a Cardboard Box or Hoodie


Halloween is only weeks away! Here are some quick and easy costume ideas to make for kids and adults.

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Halloween is only a few weeks away and if you and the kids haven’t thought about costumes, now’s a good time to do it.

For those of you who are on a budget or simply looking for DIY costume ideas, we have a few for you here. They’re quick and easy to make without having to run around to find odd materials and supplies. What’s best of all is it won’t be the typical superhero or princess costume many others will be donning.

Cardboard Box Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Boxtroll Costume: If you and the kids watched the latest kids-friendly film in theaters, you may have come to adore the Boxtrolls – the underground cave-dwelling trash collectors. Make a simple costume of a boxtroll – all you need is a cardboard box to fit over the body, a color printer to print out one of the labels for your box (choose from Eggs, Fish, Matches, Oil, Ladies Shoes, Spectacles, High Voltage, Undies or Sweets) to glue on to the front of your box. Cut out an arm hole on the left and right side of the box and you’re set.
  • LEGO Brick Costume: There are kid LEGO lovers and adult LEGO lovers, so what better way to express that than to be a LEGO brick on Halloween! All you really need to make this costume is a box large enough for the body, paint for the color brick you want to represent (spray paint will probably make things easier), 6 paper bowls, string, glue, and scissors to cut out the hole for the head and arms. Full step-by-step instructions are available at Instructables.

Hoodie Halloween Costume Ideas

  • Olaf Costume: What kid doesn’t know Olaf after the film he’s from, ‘Frozen,’ hit the mark of highest-grossing animated movie. Make a costume of Olaf simply with a white hoodie sweatshirt, some orange, black, brown, and white felt, pillow stuffing for the carrot nose, duct tape, brown pipe cleaners and 2 wooden skewers. There’s even printables to help make the shape of the eyes, eyebrows and buttons here. Get the full step-by-step guide to making this costume from Desert Chic.
  • Dinosaur Costume: Think dino stomping his way door-by-door for treats. This cute costume can work with just about any variety of solid-colored hoodie. Just print off the template for the spikes (big spike for older kids and adults or small spike for the little ones). You’ll need to use the template to cut out 10-12 spikes out of felt, a sewing machine to sew on the spikes to the middle of the hood and back of the sweatshirt, or no-sew glue will do. Get the full step-by-step guide to making this costume from See Vanessa Craft.

Hopefully one of these ideas will spark some interest, but honestly, there are endless Halloween costume ideas available when working with a cardboard box or hoodie.

Photo by Marie-Claire Camp, via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.