Advance Praise for The Prince of Horror

Written by Karen Morris  |  30. September 2011

"THE PRINCE OF HORROR," a decidedly adult horror novel by Elliott Capon, will be released by suspensepublishing.com on Kindle and other e-platforms on October 18, 2011, and will be available on Amazon.com. The premise of THE PRINCE OF HORROR is "what if....". What if the world's most successful horror writer suddenly found himself incapable of writing anymore? Would he be seduced by forces of unquestionable Evil, who would, in exchange for providing him with inspiration, lead him to commit unspeakable acts? Would any of us be seduced by ego, money, sex or power to do things that we had, before, thought anathema...? Advance commentary on the novel has been extremely enthusiastic. "Elliot Capon has penned a novel so chilling, gruesome and original no one can hold a candle to it. With vivid descriptions, diabolical characters, and a storyline so twisted you may never recover. "The Prince of Horror" is a MUST READ. There IS a new Prince of Horror and his name is Elliot Capon!" says CK Webb, co-author of "Cruelty To Innocents" and "Collecting Innocents." "Capon has a way with words like no other. From the unique way he writes descriptions to his "real life" dialog, he is a master at what he does best: write...Capon's true talent comes from the fact that when you read his work, he doesn't drag you kicking and screaming into his mind, but rather entices in such a way that you are burning rubber to get to the next page so you can delve even deeper into the story. Early on, I was certain I knew what was coming...I can't recall a time when I'd been more mistaken or more excited about the unknown!... Capon doesn't incite fear when I read his work, but rather excitement, intrigue, and the insatiable urge to read faster. As the story ended, I felt profound sadness that it was over." comments Terri Ann Armstrong, author of the "Menace Triology." "To me, this really was my kind of story, ripe with intense descriptions, sucking you in, leaving you unsuspecting, vulnerable, and then catching you off-guard, the horror found in the unique and the unexpected whether frightening or repulsive and everything macabre in between..." says Kiki Howell, author of the novel "Torn Asunder." "THE PRINCE OF HORROR" is Mr. Capon's first novel. Although he has had many short stories published in Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, and one reprinted in the Scribner anthology MYSTERY FOR HALLOWEEN, as well as reproduced on a books-on-cassette. Another of the author's Hitchcock stories was the TITLE STORY of the Simon & Schuster anthology "FUN AND GAMES AT THE WHACKS MUSEUM AND OTHER STORIES FROM AHMM AND EQMM." Two stories have been reprinted in the French and German editions of AHMM. A variety of Mr. Capon's short stories have been published in "American Accent Short Stories," "The Horror Show," and "Amazing Science Fiction." For media inquiries, kindly contact Karen Morris at sandcastlecomm@verizon.net. Mr. Capon can be reached directly at devermisoccult@yahoo.com

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