Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love!

Written by Lauren Pozmanter  |  28. September 2012

The most important thing on your wedding day is to be surrounded by all of your family and close friends. It is customary to show your gratitude towards your guests for their attendance by bequeathing a small gift to them. Wedding favors can be simple or complex, whatever best reflects your personality and the theme of your wedding. Choosing this gift should be fun and enjoyable, something to take a little bit of stress off planning your day. Long Island offers a variety of different options for favors from its wineries to its farm stands

Wedding favors are traditionally chosen by the couple to be a reflection of who they are. It can be anything from a little trinket to commemorate the day to something that you think everyone will find useful in their everyday lives. They can be perishable or non perishable, the options are endless. The most important thing is to make sure they are within your budget and truly reflect your joy at having your guests. 
Depending on the time of year your wedding favor can be seasonal for example something Christmas or summer themed. On the other hand it can also be something more simple and unique. The most important thing to remember when choosing your favor
is that you love them as well. Check out some of these fun and unique wedding favor ideas!
Food: Everyone loves getting a new treat! You wedding favors can be any mix of candies or other goodies. A popular idea is to get MM’s the colors of your wedding with your names and the date of your wedding printed on them. This gives people the option of eating the candies or keeping them as a keepsake. You can also do a little regional treat if your wedding is in your hometown. Out of town guests will love the sentimental thought.  You can also give out personalized mint tins. These fun little favors are very popular and will delight your guests. 
Seasonal: If you are having a seasonal themed wedding then your favors should be seasonal as well! Giving out Christmas ornaments with your names and the date of your wedding is an extremely sentimental keepsake that your guests will love. During the Fall you can so something as simple as giving out little pumpkins or and packet of cider spices! For the summer, playing up the beach theme is a great idea! You can fill little glass vials with shells and sand for guests to put on their mantel. For Spring you can gift packets of flowers seeds for guests to grow in their garden at home!
Wine: Many wineries will offer special discounts for large purchases of wine. Vineyards like Pindar and Duckwalk will even wrap your wine bottles and put on the label of your choice for free! Everyone loves a good bottle of wine, and gifting a souvenir bottle to your guests is a wonderful idea. It’s also an opportunity to share something that you love with your guests. Picking your favorite bottle of wine as a gift shows a personal side that your guests will love! 

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