The Seven Steps to Employment Success System: Interview Skills

Written by job-strategies  |  28. September 2006

Many if not most people view the interview as the most challenging stage of the interviewing process. For many it brings about an emotional roller coaster of emotions that range from fear, frustration, nerves, stress, sweat, anxiety, self-doubt, sleepless nights, irritability and lack of appetite. Feel free to contact me and share your emotional interview experience (EIE). Why do we do this to ourselves and what can we do about it? Let me share some of thoughts: STOP the mind and body from racing. Take a mental time out. Slow down. Breathe, inhale now exhale. Do something physical, fun, crazy, different, go shopping. Talk positive talk. Reward yourself. Don't take yourself or situation so seriously. Chill. Find a quite place and scream. When one door closes, another opens. Think of it as a conversation. It's an opportunity to shine. When you exhaust yourself with all the emotional layers, it is now time to get down, get serious and get working. The Seven Steps to Employment Success System is about mastering the basics. The only way, if not the best way to accomplish this is to, Practice, Practice and Practice. The purpose of the system is to create a mindset and to approach the interview process as the "business of finding employment." In our next rendezvous we will begin the "business of finding employment," by asking and answering the most asked interview questions. If you master this portion of my system, like magic, watch your worst emotional fears be greatly reduced and manageable.

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