One for the Bookworms: Planning a Literary Wedding on a Budget

Written by Chelsea Triola  |  27. September 2014

This wonderful wedding theme is perfect for all you book lovers out there! If reading is one of your passions, why not incorporate it into your special day? Symbolize your love of reading by using books as decor at your wedding.
The great thing about putting books to use is that you can purchase your own for a very cheap price. This will help tremendously while organizing everything and will give more spending room for other details. Take a look at these recommendations put together to make planning less stressful!
Save the Dates & Invitations 
Give your guests a hint by sending out bookmark save the dates to represent your theme! These are an item you can easily create on your own to help save some money or you can have them specially made the way you desire. As for the invitations, send them out in an envelope that is made to look like a page from a book. All over it will be words and sentences, perfect for your literary theme! If you choose to use these types of envelopes, be sure to use sticker labels for the addresses so it is easily visible from the words on the envelope. 
Guest Book
Set up a table near the entrance of the party so your guests can write down their best wishes as soon as they arrive. Instead of having the conventional guest book for them to sign, create a book full of library cards! Set up a stack of blank “library cards” with a book next to it, each page complete with slots for the cards to go. Once each guest is finished writing their wishes, they can simply place it into the slot. This is not only an original idea but will make for a great keepsake of a memorable evening!
Table Numbers
There are a bunch of different ways to present your table numbers, get creative and use old picture frames or purchase a bunch from a local dollar store and use them to place a page from an old book inside! Write or print the table number onto the book page and place it on the table near the centerpiece. This idea is great to do on your own and is another area where you can save some money! If you don’t have any old books that you don’t mind ripping pages from, ask some friends to help out or head to a garage sale and purchase a cheap one!
Utilize some old books for your centerpieces by stacking a couple of them on top of one another and placing a mason jar filled with flowers on top. Use a ribbon that matches your theme colors and tie the books together so they don’t fall over throughout the evening. Another great centerpiece suggestion is an open book, with a mason jar in the middle, complete with a candle to illuminate the words on the pages. Be sure to place a candle in some type of jar, so it doesn’t become a fire hazard being so close to the book pages.
Thank your guests for sharing your special day with you by handing out favors that they can read! Send your friends and family home with a book that you think they would enjoy. You can purchase a bunch of the same book or give out specific ones to all your guests. Create a personal touch to the favors by writing a message on the inside book cover to each person! 
Have a literary wedding idea you would like to share? Comment below!

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