Keeping Secrets

Written by babystuff  |  27. September 2002

After you turn 20-something (I'm not sure which) your birthday isn't as big a deal anymore. I still look forward to it coming because for a week or so before and after my birthday I feel like it's okay to buy myself a little "extra something" and say, "happy birthday to me." But, your birthday is new and fun again when seen through the eyes of a four year old. As much as my son Luc likes celebrating birthdays, keeping a secret is nearly impossible. When Luc and Dad go shopping for my birthday present Luc comes right up to me after the purchase and whispers, "Mommy! I just bought you a bunny that looks just like mine for your birthday!" I giggled and said, "Oh good. Thanks!" Last Father's day I asked Luc what we should get his Father. He said, "How about a tool belt?" As we left the Home Depot he ran into his Father's arms pulling the tool belt out of the bag and saying, "Look what I got you!" Today was my birthday--I came downstairs to the aroma of brownies baking in the oven. When entering the kitchen my son came running up behind me saying, "Hey Mommy! We... woops." and covered his mouth with his hand. Thinking something was wrong; I looked at him and said, "What's the matter Luc?" He smiled and said, "I almost told you we were making brownies for your birthday and we're going to put birthday candles on it." I said, "Phew! Good thing you didn't tell me!" He sighed and said, "Yea! I know! That would ruin the surprise." (c) 2002 Copyright, Claudine M. Jalajas, All Rights Reserved.

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