Free Resume, Career Counseling in Tragedy Aftermath

Written by careers  |  27. September 2001

Professional resume writers and career counselors have banded together to volunteer their services to people who have lost their jobs as an immediate result of the recent national tragedy.

People who have been displaced in their work lives as a direct result of the terrorist attacks are encouraged to go to www.volunteersforcareers.org for assistance in resume writing and career counseling.

Members of the Professional Resume Writing and Research Association, the Career Masters Institute, and the National Resume Writers' Association have joined in the effort to help people who are being laid off as companies find their way through the current crisis.

As a local career expert, I am volunteering in this effort. I encourage all of you who were affected by this tradegy to take advantage of this service.

Career experts who would like to volunteer their time and expertise are also encouraged to go to the Volunteers for Careers web site and offer their assistance. Companies supporting this effort may download a banner from Volunteers for Careers that can be placed on their own site, directing people in need of assistance to the Careers web site.

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