Written by AppreciatingDiversity  |  26. September 2003

Over the past few months, I've received emails from a number of Long Islanders looking for a diversity training program similar to the one I offer--which by the way, is fun, informative and contains a tangible skills-building component. And since it doesn't take much to set me in motion, the emails prompted me to reach out to several universities in Long Island. I did not find an ongoing program for which individuals, independent of their companies, could register. But even better, a local university offered to partner with me to offer my program. And so, I am happy to extend an invitation to you to participate in my workshop "Understanding Cultural Diversity." You can more information about workshop on my website. As a brief summary, this program covers the following topics: *What is culture? *Navigating our own culture--identifying the messages we received growing up, about gender, ethnicity, class, where we live, etc. *Effective communication skills *Understanding others and finding common ground *The role of humor in resolving conflict and tension As a participant, you will learn: *More about yourself and your particular worldview *The truth about "difference" *How we are all more alike, than different *How to communicate better with others who may see things differently *What gets in the way of cross-racial, cross-gender and cross-cultural difference in general Inquire within your company about reimbursement and make this workshop part of your development plan. You can also e-mail me with any questions, or for further information. My best, Susan

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