POW/MIA Recognition September 19, 2008: From Two Perspectives

Written by veterans  |  22. September 2008

They fought for us; we remember them. The fate of almost 90,000 still remains unknown. But we wouldn't want some of those who did return to act too independently, notwithstanding what they gave. A pity. Acting Too Independent During the 1991 Gulf War 17 servicemember POWs and more than 200 American civilians working in Iraq and Kuwait were tortured or held hostage as "human shields" when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. In recent years, the current administration has prohibited these individuals from suing Iraq, notwithstanding Iraq's tens-of-billions-of-dollars surplus, saying it would threaten economic and political progress in Iraq, and that Iraq would take protective measures, including withdrawing its assets (!) from the United States. Recognition --- Regards, Walt Schmidt

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