Tattoo Studios Support Breast Cancer Help, Inc. With "Ink For Pink" Campaign

Written by Hank Russell  |  20. September 2011

(Bay Shore, New York) - In support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month during the month of October, Good Times Tattoo Studio in East Islip and Horifudo Tattoo Studio in Smithtown will take part in a month-long "Ink For Pink" campaign. Starting October 1 at noon, customers can get a tattoo of the breast cancer ribbon at either studio done for free; in exchange, they can make checks payable to Breast Cancer Help, Inc. in the amount it would cost for the design. The campaign runs until October 31 at 8 p.m. On October 8, Good Times Tattoo Studio will host a "tattoo marathon" between noon and 10 p.m. Those who choose a design will get their tattoo done, with all of the sales proceeds of the design going to Breast Cancer Help. There will also be limited-edition T-shirts and artwork on sale, with proceeds also going to benefit Breast Cancer Help. "We would like to thank Good Times Tattoo Studio and Horifudo Tattoo Studio for their participation in this unique fundraising event," said Lorraine Pace, Co-President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc. "These studios are helping to bring the issue of breast cancer awareness to the forefront by providing designs of the breast cancer ribbons for their customers. These designs will definitely get the message across in a more prominent fashion." Good Times Tattoo Studio is located at 9 Meroke Lane in East Islip. Horifudo Tattoo Studio is located at 1020 Jericho Turnpike in Smithtown. Those who wish to get a tattoo done must be at least 18 years old and have a valid form of identification. For more information, call Frank at Good Times Tattoo Studio at (631) 277-8177. Donations are also being accepted. For more information on Breast Cancer Help, Inc., call (631) 675-9003 or visit www.breastcancerhelpinc.org. # # # Breast Cancer Help, Inc. is a not-for-profit grass roots organization with a focus on action and advocacy to eradicate breast cancer. Founded in 1994 by Lorraine Pace, a two time breast cancer survivor, and Father Thomas Arnao, Breast Cancer Help, Inc. uses a four pronged approach to promoting education and awareness of breast cancer issues. The first of these prongs is the West Islip breast cancer mapping project initiated by Lorraine Pace, which mobilized patients and pinpointed breast cancer clusters. This original mapping project, which spearheaded the breast cancer environmental movement, has now spread to other parts of New York, the U.S. and internationally. Since its inception, the group's goal has been to raise awareness and promote education for the cause, treatment, and cure of the disease; while maintaining a focus on action and advocacy to eradicate breast cancer. It has accomplished this by mobilizing patients into coalitions leading to breast cancer mapping projects, serving as advocates to change state and local laws to protect breast cancer patients, and working to bring about positive changes in protecting the environment. Breast Cancer Help, Inc. has helped to ensure that Long Islanders have access to the best possible diagnosis and care through the purchase of cutting edge medical and research equipment. It has also supported research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. In 2003, Breast Cancer Help opened its Long Island Cancer Help and Wellness Center, now located at 32 Park Avenue in Bay Shore to provide increased cancer awareness to promote education and early detection while providing patients and survivors with much needed support.

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