Written by Nick Christophers  |  20. September 2007

by Nick Christophers Sometimes when you come from humble beginings they may lead to great returns. That was the case with Five Towner Paul Faulhaber. A graduate of Lawrence High School, Paul was always attracted to the power of television and the energy it generated. Hence, his road was paved to follow the TV train. While attending the University of Albany, Paul realized that the " other" kids who were not involved in the frats needed an outlet. Paul felt he can fill the void. He went ahead and began planning events to cater to the their needs. " One of the events I organized was a treasure hunt where the students had to search for $1000. It was an alternative for students who nothing else to do on a weekend. I enjoyed doing projects that had a begining and middle and an end. I enjoyed creating like little shows.This inspired me to get into the TV field." Paul landed a few corporate jobs that were nothing but pushing paper that was not his cup of tea. He wanted to be involved in production. He came along an old friend who offered him two options to get closer to TV work. The first was to run cables at the US OPEN or work as an usher for a new talk show. That talk show was the Montel Williams Show. Paul went to the set of the show and offered to work for five days but only get paid for one. His father who he traveled to city with every day thought he was nuts. But Paul assured his father that he knew what he was doing. After the first week he was offered a production assitant position from there he went onto become a producer. Needless to say Paul started to make waves. He then went onto to be a part of the Gordon Eliot Show then onto work with Gail King ( a good freind of Oprah Winfrey). From that point he soon became the executive producer of the Maury Povich Show. " It has become a wild ride. You wake up and everything is different. But it's great." Paul's day begins at 7am till about 6pm. On the train in he reviews scripts and then comes in for production meetings. He has to make sure that the shows that are shot in the morning have to be perfect. " There is a lot babysitting that goes on, on both sides of the prodcution teams. There is a lot of preperation that goes into it and I usually get in about 9pm." Paul has six producing teams that put together six programs this way the pace is on going. " This way we have a cycle that is workable for every week. What we tape this week someone will view next week. This way we keep on track. Even though the shows are not time sensitive they are effective for the time period." Even though the show was tagged a bit provacative at times Paul feels otherwise. " We bring real people with real problems who want to be heard. Some of our guests act crazy but they are passionate about what they want to express. Also we do not pay someone to act crazy or act a certain ways." Paul has been working with Maury Povich and has pointed out that he is a genuine person who treats everyone with the same respect. He is always open to ideas from Paul and attempts to offer the best advise on how to approach it. " He is always willing to hear me out that is what makes working with him so great." Paul's main inspiration has been his father, who's work ethic enriched Paul's upbringing." My Dad to this day is still making it into the office. He taught the value of work and to take pride in what you do." When it comes to his home life even though his hours are crazy his wife and two beautiful kids are very supportive. " Its hard but I have six weeks off during the summer and spend every waking moment with my family. As you can see my office is plastered with photos of them. I never feel apart from them." Paul looks to further his work at the show and keep making America interested with ever show he churns out. He is just another product of the Five Towns who has made a mark in the entertainment world.

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