Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Written by sellingyourhome  |  20. September 2000

Take a step outside your home and look at it from a buyers perspective. When a buyer pulls up to your home what they see is their "first impression" of your home. Try to make it a good one! Clean up the lawn, trim the hedges, remove any junk or garbage. Fasten any loosened gutters, replace any cracked windows, paint the front door and powerwash the front exterior of the house. All these little things can insure a great "first impression" of your home. Inside your home apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls, clean the carpets/floors. Fix any holes or cracks. Remove the clutter. Buyers like to look in closets...make sure when they open them nothing clunks them on the head! Check the tiolets, do they flush? Sinks should shine. Bathrooms should glow. Kitchen cabinets should open and close easy. (also they should be neat). Bedroom doors how do they look? Closet doors? Lights..do all the switches work? Remove all clutter from bedrooms, livingroom, den, basement etc. Make sure a buyer can get to the boiler, they will want to see it. Fix any broken windows or screens. Garage should be neat, clean and door should open easy. Backyard should be like the front of the house..neat & clean and junk should be removed. First impressions count and if you take the time and invest a little money your house will make a GREAT IMPRESSION and will be ready to sell! ****Check back here for my next article which will help you too, in "Selling Your Home"! Please contact me, your Longisland.com's expert for "selling your home": Email: staceyatpru@aol.com Stacey Pavlat Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Prudential Long Island Realty 631-422-7510 ext. 220

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